Gone are the headaches
of traditional premium bathroom shower installs


Choose from a large selection of only the finest Ceramic & Porcelain Tile for your remodel


Hand built off-site to your specifications and rapidly installed on location


Built first in our factory, we have the ultimate control over the quality of your build

A more efficient concept

A complete shower remodel in 1-2 days, not weeks


Beautiful, Modern, Current Styles

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

We design and build our custom showers and bathrooms with only the highest quality Italian ceramic and porcelain tiles. Our differentiating factor is that we have created an innovative way to do this with minimal disruption to your house and your life.

Try designing your own shower online or see the gallery of finished bathrooms with the links below.

Our Innovative System Saves Time & Money

Precision & Quality Control Unmatched by Traditional Tile Installations

Installed in 2 Days or Less

Professional Grade, Maintenance Free Grout

No Sealing, No Cracking, No Staining

Mold and Mildew Proof


International Code Council Pre-Approval, No Inspections

10-Year Full System Warranty



More than just beautiful showers

We can re-design and build your entire bathroom, from flooring to cabinets to countertops too. Everything we make is hand built to the homeowners exact specifications and our materials are always top quality Ceramic & Porcelain tile & Glass


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Showroom Hours

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